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Health & Safety Commitment

We can’t wait to welcome you back to our parks!

For more than half a century, SeaWorld guests have put their trust in us to not only deliver incredible experiences for them, but to do so in a way that’s safe for them and their families.


I want to take this opportunity to share with you how SeaWorld is committed to safely opening our parks for you, our employees, and the animals in our care.


For over two months, all 12 of our parks have been temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, we have worked diligently alongside health experts, attraction industry leaders and fellow park operators to make our already strict health, safety and cleanliness standards even stronger. We have developed a comprehensive plan for all of our parks to follow and are committed to keeping you informed of the steps we’re taking to keep you safe.


Of course, this is a situation that’s changing all the time - we will continue to monitor the latest information from health experts and make the necessary changes in our parks to keep you safe.


We will continue to work with local, state and federal authorities and with health officials who are making decisions about when certain communities can reopen, allowing us to make decisions on a park-by-park basis.


We have spent the last two months making sure our parks are ready for your return. We are eagerly looking forward to having all 12 of our parks open and providing our guests incredible and inspirational experiences.


Without question, we want to welcome you back into our parks; but we also want you safe when you’re here. 

Marc Swansom

Marc Swanson
CEO, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


Safety Measures and Frequently Asked Questions

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