Take Action

From the food we eat to the air we breathe, nearly all life on this planet depends on our ocean. That means conserving and caring for the sea and the animals living in it begins at home—even if home is miles away from the ocean.

Just start somewhere. From using less water at home to knowing more about the fish you eat to keeping trash out of our waterways—which all lead to our one ocean—little actions can make a big difference. 

And take action with us by joining the SeaWorld Action Team. Click here to learn more about how you can play an important role in protecting wild animals and wild places.

Check out our Top 10 Tips for conserving marine animals and their habitats. Together we can make a world of difference for our blue planet.

1. Be blue aware. Be aware of what you put into the water, and never flush medications or put harmful chemicals down the drain.

2. Pitch in, not out. All waterways lead to our one ocean, which is why keeping our lakes, rivers, and streams clean is a great way we can all protect marine life.

3. Know what you’re eating. Is that seafood sustainable? Find out at msc.org.

4. Choose to reuse. Plastic bags look a lot like jellyfish to a hungry sea turtle. Use reusable bags, and always recycle plastic.

5. Don’t rock the boat-ways. Boat collisions with manatees and other marine mammals can be prevented if you take it slow in marked areas.

6. Hold the line. Recycle or safely discard fishing line. Never throw it overboard since entanglement is one of the most common human-related animal injuries we see.

7. Learn about marine animals. While you can't touch marine mammals in the wild, you can spend some time at your local zoo or aquarium. It’s easier to care about animals once you’ve felt a personal connection to them. 

8. Take a deep breath. The ocean supplies oxygen for half of all the air you breathe—even if you don’t live near a coast. Use this fact as a fun way to help teach kids about the importance of our one ocean.

9. Celebrate our blue planet. Throw an ocean party, host an ocean art event in the classroom, make some sea-themed jewelry, or find your own fun in celebrating our blue planet.

10. Take the One Ocean® Pledge. Pledge to do your part, and just start somewhere to help conserve and care for our blue planet. Together we can make a world of difference.