SeaWorld Aids Efforts to Recover Endangered Species

Cerro Blanco Protected Forest

August 9, 2016

Throughout its history, SeaWorld supported a number of conservation organizations with expert knowledge and resources. One organization that the company has supported, Fundacion Jambeli, is working to save a critically endangered species – the great green macaw, also known as a Buffon’s macaw.

Members of the project were hosted by the SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld Orlando, and Busch Gardens Tampa Aviculture departments during the development phase of their captive breeding program.

Last month Fundacion Jambeli joined Fundación ProBosque, for the soft-release of a group of 5 captive-bred great green macaws from an adaptation aviary located in Cerro Blanco Protected Forest.

These birds and aviculture teams have been preparing for this moment for years!

The birds will be tracked using sound devices designed from old cellular phones and installed in the forest by Topher White to monitor illegal logging and poaching in rainforests. Learn more about his work here.

Support from the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, Dole and Zoo des Sables D'Olonne played an important role in funding the breeding facilities and animal care that made this release possible.